Aliveness Programs

Aliveness Website - Designed and Developed by Mike Nichols

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The Brief

The clients are a group of psychologists dealing with women’s eating and body image problems through online courses. This is a new endeavor for them. Their former website was oriented toward the treatment of eating disorders.

The clients wanted a website that was simple and attractive to women. It had to have easy navigation and an effective sales funnel.

The website had to have a way to restrict viewing rights, and also to sell their products.

Our Solution

The website features a large video above the fold, along with three call to action buttons. The remainder of the page primes the visitor to explore more of the website and to sign up for a free video course, which leads to the purchase of a 6-week intensive course. There also are other products.

The website has a membership system which is used both to restrict viewing permissions and to sell the courses and live event tickets. It has a ten custom-made templates for sales pages, centered pages, full width with no sidebars etc.