Anxiety, Panic & Health

Anxiety, Panic & Health - Designed and Developed by Mike Nichols

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The Brief

Anxiety, Panic & Health is a blog that first appeared in 2007, and it had had the same website design since 2008. As such it was not mobile responsive, could not take advantage of modern SEO tools, and tended to break each time WordPress was updated.

The client wanted a website that was thoroughly modernized, would be responsive, could be very SEO-friendly, and was rock-solid. It must project a feeling of calm and possibility.

Our Solution

We built a website that meets all of the client’s requests. We used the Thesis 2.2 framework on the WordPress platform, which is robust and actively developed, insuring stability for years to come. Modern SEO tools were installed that enabled the optimization of recent and popular posts.

The website is mobile responsive, and loads in under one second.