Washington Rare Coin Center

Washington Rare Coin Center-Designed and Developed by Mike Nichols

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The Brief

Washington Rare Coin Center’s former website was very old and dated. Customers  couldn’t find what they were looking for because of poor search tools, even though Washington Rare Coin Center has a very extensive inventory. The owner was losing business because customers had to dig through every coin on the site to find what they wanted, and often simply gave up and went to other dealers.

It was difficult for the owner to manage inventory, and the website lacked basic reports to keep track of his business. It was past time for the owner to have a new website with everything needed to get customers to buy his products, and for him to run his business that met his goals and requirements.

Our Solution

The client’s main goals were to increase sales, to reach a wider audience, make inventory management as simple as possible, and to have the kind of reports he needed to run his business effectively.

We built a website with excellent search facilities for the customer, a modern and effective layout of products, and informative product pages with upsells. The WooCommerce checkout system is simple, and has US address verification. Customer communication via email is attractive and is automatically generated to save the owner time. The customer can log in and view their past purchases at any time.

The inventory management system is simple enough for an employee to enter, modify and manage products. The entries automatically follow the required Red Book order of listing the components of a coin’s description. It also optimizes the coin’s description to facilitate searches. We did considerable WooCommerce programming for inventory and other aspects.

Reporting was a priority, so we added cost of goods and profit, pdf invoicing, customers vs guests, and an extensive array of inventory reports. Customers, inventory, and orders are easily searchable under different criteria.

The website has excellent native SEO properties.

The website has a professional, modern look and feel, though we were constrained by the client’s desire to keep the header from his former website. Colors, fonts and design elements were carefully selected to enhance these requirements.