Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty Website Designed and Developed by Mike Nichols

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The Brief

The client is a professional dog walker and pet sitter. She required a website that was attractive, clearly stated her business, testimonials, and contact information including a contact form. She needed a way for clients to fill out contract and other forms, sign them and upload them to the website. She specified the website’s colors and fonts.

Our Solution

We built a website that provides all the information desired by the client. It has a slider at the top with images of generic pets and those of her clients. Below that, above the fold, is a statement of who the owner is and the geographic area she serves. Going down the page, there is an area with three call-to-action buttons, two areas with content meant to urge the visitor to contact her, testimonials, and contact informations with a contact form.

We provide a way for clients to download, fill out contract and other forms, and upload them to the website.

Among the features of the inner pages is a gallery of pet images.

The website is mobile responsive.

Despite the number of images, the website loads in under a second.