Stephen K Denny

Stephen K Denny Website - Designed and Developed by Mike Nichols

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The Brief

Stephen K Denny is an air conditioning and pool heater dealer. The client wanted a website that displayed their products and services, financing options, an about area, and call-to-action areas for their services and financing. They asked for the phone number and the smiling face logo to be displayed prominently. Colors were to be those used by the company for their service trucks.

Our Solution

Since there was so much information to be displayed on the front page we opted for a “stacked” design that broke the many elements into areas on a single page.

The phone number was placed above the header, to the right of the header and in the footer. A slider was used to display their products, services and the brands they carry.

There are two call-to-action areas with three buttons each. A large “About Us” area is placed in the middle of the page.

The smiling face logo is found in the header, to the side of the “About Us” area, and as bullets in unordered lists.